Filip Franc Steiner

My name is Filip Franc Steiner and I am a London based fashion designer. Design in every shape and form has been a part of my life ever since I was little. That is probably the reason why I have continued my studies after being in Belgrade (Serbia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and now London (United Kingdom). Design is my passion and I want to share this passion with you on my site; from selected pieces to small accessories – all items wear my designs with pride.

The first collection I wish to present is titled Never Alone, a stunning collection of triangle designs. Each of these segments, together with their colours and composition, represents a specific set of emotions and a part of our identity. These emotions are experienced by all of us – as long as we are aware of being composed of different versions of ourselves, we are never truly alone. The collection itself is futuristic, vibrant and dreamy. Each design is unique and fits perfectly to anyone – who finds themselves in it. No matter how old you are and what you do in life – if you have felt me, this is it! We are on this journey together to explore the Filip Franc Steiner – Lil Chiggy brand. Stay tuned, as the year ahead will be scalding hot!